Enter Toby

This is my cat:


His name is Toby and he is ridiculously cute and provides me with a bagillion hours of entertainment and endless love.  He’s kind of a “special needs” cat because he has something call Calicivirus which basically means he will pretty much always have an Upper Respiratory Infection (sneezing, snotty, basically looking miserable, and making me feel so sad when he has one).  He ALSO gets constant UTIs and we’ve had some pretty bad scares with crystals forming (those could kill him, so I hope that that NEVER happens).  Oh, and he happens to weigh 20lbs.  He’s a big cat though, so I don’t think the weight thing is soooooo bad… (right?)  Anyway, right now he’s having to take a lot of medications to keep everything under control (we’re kind of twinsies because of that).  All in all, none of that really matters anyway because I love him because he is who he is and happens to be the nicest, sweetest, most loving cat I have ever met.  I’m very lucky to have my Tubbyfluffybutt as my baby.

We’ve been playing all morning and by playing, I mean that we woke up at about 8:00am (because a cat snuggling with your face will do that to you).  So, I got up…BUT…I didn’t feed him right away.  I decided to change out his litterbox, take a shower, take out the trash (in Wisconsin…in flip-flops…with wet hair…in a tank-top…and struggling to get the bag in the can – I was a mess), and then I started laundry ALL BEFORE FEEDING MY STARVING, MISERABLE, POOR, UNLOVED BABY KITTY! Because of this, Toby was being all dramatic and by the time I got to feeding him, he was the most pathetic meowing cat in the history of his kingdom (which is my entire apartment and some of the outside when he’s on his leash or in his stroller – yes, leash and stroller…don’t judge me).  I fed him, but – HA! – the joke’s on him because there was medicine in that delicious wet special food.

A bit later since I was doing laundry, it was the best time of the day – SHEET CHANGING TIME!  Toby loves to play with the sheets while I’m making the bed.  It definitely doesn’t help or save time, but he loves it so much so I always let him play and he always makes me laugh.  We finally got the bed made after about half an hour and then we got on to some more playing, some brushing, some relaxing (well, I folded the clean laundry so I didn’t get to relax), and it was lunchtime!  I had to sneak some more medicine into his food because my dude does NOT like to take liquid medicine and I can’t find a way to give it to him while I’m alone…ergo…sneaky.

I really can’t believe how fun and funny my days are just because of him and I love knowing that he really knows how much I love him.  I don’t know what I’d do without my man!  Right now, we’re watching ‘Identity Thief’ and playing with tissue paper and a catnip filled fuzzy bunny.  Who knows where the rest of the day will take us but I know it will be awesome because two awesomes make one GIGANTIC awesome (so that’s us).

Tobias Charles (aka: Toby, Tubbyfluffybutt, Fluffers, Butthead) is the best thing that has ever come into my life and I could not be more grateful for all of the love he has brought to me and for all the love that he has allowed me to give to him.  He’s my fluffy hero that taught me how truly love fully.  Thanks, buddy!

Bri & Toby (Who is still playing with tissue paper and a catnip filled fuzzy bunny!)


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